What Are the Difference Types of CCTV Camera in DUBAI

Securing a business is necessary in every era, and a CCTV camera in Dubai offers great security to a place. You can choose from a wide variety, commonly there are many types of CCTV cameras. Surveillance plays a vital role in not only securing business but society as well. Our day-to-day lives experiences become secure with a CCTV camera. However, in this blog, we will discuss multiple types of CCTV cameras, so you’ll decide better to choose the best one. 

Different types of CCTV cameras are available for numerous situations and premises. But selecting the right camera for the right is all you need to get good results and secure a place.

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Different Types Of CCTV Cameras

Take a look at the types of CCTV Cameras in Dubai and see what creates the difference and what is more suitable for your venue.

Dark Fighter Technology Cameras

It is possible to capture colored images with these cameras in low-light conditions. A wide range of capabilities makes Dark Fighter technology suitable for use day or night and offers optimal performance. With these cameras, you can get high-quality images without any extra light. If you are searching for a nighttime security surveillance camera, this one is for you.

Enjoy the below advantages;

  1. Works in the nighttime
  2. High definition
  3. Offers you face detection
  4. Use for multiple purposes

ANPR/LPR Cameras

The ANPR stands for Automatic Number Plate Recognition, and LPR stands for License Plate Cameras. For registration plates, you can look at this camera. They work best for many organizations including tolling, hotel overstay, car parking, and others. ANPR cameras offer a great solution and make the business owner satisfied. They can keep their business places more secure with these effective cameras.

Enjoy the below advantages:

  1. Get more effective and smart features
  2. Information storage
  3. Identify cars
  4. Highly effective for businesses

Internal and External Dome Camera

You may be heard about the dome camera, as it is one of the most common cameras for indoor and outdoor security concerns. As a result of the camera’s shape, it is difficult for onlookers to tell exactly where the camera is fitted, which deters criminals by creating uncertainty. Ideally, this makes it easy for the viewers to catch the robbers on a time and take immediate action. Besides that with a dome camera, you can get easy CCTV installation in Dubai.

Enjoy the below advantages

  1. Ease of use plus easy installation
  2. Vandal-resistant features
  3. IR night vision

Bullet Camera

Bullet camera comes cylindrical and works best as a great outdoor camera. Users can get long-distance viewing with this type of CCTV camera. It is installed with protective casings, as a result, you can help it runs without dust, dirt, or natural elements that affect the health of your CCTV camera. However, depending on the application, the cameras are available with either fixed or varifocal lenses.

Enjoy the below advantages:

  1. IR night vision
  2. Great viewing
  3. Compact size aids installation
  4. High quality

C-mount Camera

C-mount cameras are the one that comes with detachable lenses. It allows you to change the lenses and fit diverse applications for multiple situations. It can cover distances beyond 40 ft with the use of special lenses. People who want to get a high-distance covering camera can opt for this one.

Enjoy the below advantages

  1. Change the lenses easily
  2. Diverse application
  3. Cover distance beyond 40 ft
  4. Best for Indoor use
  5. Available in big sizes that prevent crime

Day/Night Camera

Day/night cameras have great power to operate in both daytime and nighttime. Because their extra sensitive imaging chips make them capable of capturing clear video images even in the dark, these cameras do not need infrared illuminators. Due to this, these cameras are perfect for outdoor security.

Enjoy the below advantages:

  1. Available in multiple colors
  2. Wide variety of sizes
  3. Infrared capability and work day and night

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PTZ Pan Tilt & Zoom Camera

As described by name, PTZ Pan Tilt is a movable camera that can easily move towards the right and left. You can up and down the camera and get a close view of anything you want. You can use this camera when a security guard is operating the security system live. Ideally, you can offer him a good way to more security.

Enjoy the below advantages:

  1. 200m IR night vision
  2. X36 optical zoom
  3. High-quality image resolution

Discreet CCTV

Cameras of this type can be discreetly placed, allowing you to capture good footage of thefts and criminal damage. Criminals are less likely to notice discreet CCTV cameras, which means they are less likely to be damaged. However, if you want to get a discreet CCTV camera in Dubai, you can contact the best surveillance company.

Enjoy the below advantages:

  1. Easily propped up or mounted
  2. Disguised in various objects
  3. Good for indoor use

Thermal Image Cameras/Infrared Cameras

Thermal Image/infrared cameras can be used in airports, seaports, boards, and many other critical infrastructures with perfect-quality images. It operates all day and offers more options to you. Small LEDs surround the lens of infrared cameras so they can pick up motion in pitch black. Cameras with thermal images are capable of seeing over long distances. In fact, they can see as far as 300 meters away.

Enjoy the below advantages:

  1. Detect intruders up 250-300 meters away
  2. Works best even in low light
  3. Thermal radiation passes through visual obstructions

Varifocal Cameras

Varifocal cameras come with a zoom-in and out feature. It allows you to adjust the length effectively and set up the direction. It’s ideal for gaining footage in a square room and offers you a fixed-lens camera. You can gain more knowledge about varifocal cameras from the professionals.

Enjoy the below advantages:

  1. Zoom in and out feature
  2. Capture dead zone
  3. High focus
  4. Provide good results on long distances

Network Cameras

With network cameras, you can share images on the internet and get CCTV footage easily. It works best for both domestic and commercial purposes. You can easily see what’s going on in a specific place.  

Enjoy the below advantages:

  1. Accessed all the data easily
  2. Perfect for all companies and homes
  3. Less maintenance required

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High Definition Cameras

These cameras offer a high resolution that works excellently in banks and casinos. High-definition cameras are best for risky places, due to their high efficiency and great features. The purpose is to maintain high security and maximum safety by capturing a good image of everyone entering and exiting. If the video footage needs to be used in court, the user can zoom in for extra clarity with these cameras.

Enjoy the below advantages:

  1. High-quality pictures
  2. Maximum security
  3. Advanced features
  4. Zoom in and out, capacity

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Choose the best CCTV Camera in Dubai

It’s essential to choose the right CCTV camera in Dubai that meets your requirement, possible by choosing a reputable and reliable installation company. Remember to finalize a company after ensuring all the important considerations. Otherwise, you’ll end up losing both your time and money.

There are many types of CCTV cameras available in the market and online. Depending on your requirement, you can buy the best one. But it’s essential to gain some knowledge about the camera first.

We hope this information is helpful to you and you are moving forward to ensure the best CCTV camera.