Nowadays multi-occupancy premises such as apartments and flats present a unique security challenge. Security should always be a priority to feel safe and protected for the people. There are a few reasons why apartment needs to be dedicated for everybody’s safety. A CCTV Camera in Dubai helps businesses and homes stop crimes and robbery. The apartment’s owner must use essential placed security systems and devices. It can be a challenging position. These systems can be connected to any computer or mobile device for remote video viewing.

The best way to enhance your apartment security system is to install a CCTV ( Closed-Circuit Television System ). It delivers top-of-the-line video clarity with high-definition resolutions up to 4K. In most cases, the presence of a CCTV security system can help in the most efficient way to deter criminals. Whether the criminal is tempted to break in your lock or just some of the horrible instances that take place. With the help of CCTV security, clearway is on hand to protect your premises. This is why putting up security cameras in an apartment as a preventive measure against burglary attacks is more than optional. You must always stay on top of your apartment security and take all the appropriate measures to prevent burglars from entering your apartment. In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of installing CCTV cameras in Dubai, especially in apartments.

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There are multiple beneficial factors that we will discuss below to allow you to gain some knowledge about the importance of CCTV security systems in apartments. Make the balance between everything that matters to you and ensure the safety of your loved ones by knowing the value of CCTV cameras. Here we go:


Apartments have been the hot spot for burglary attacks. CCTV cameras in Dubai are constantly recording information on improving your security and watching you properly. The police will access the CCTV images in the event of a crime. The car park that serves your apartment may be vulnerable. If the parking area is protected by CCTV security cameras, residents will feel safer and less vulnerable to criminals.


CCTV video surveillance cameras help to minimize security issues in apartments. Such as alarm or motion detection systems are devices suitable for everybody’s safety. CCTV cameras can act as a useful deterrent to criminal commenting offenses. With good-quality images by this camera, all that’s required by the police to make an arrest. When apartment authorities install CCTV systems, acts of vandalism, theft, and violent crime go down quickly.


These days many tenants are more interested in an apartment with an advanced security system. If a CCTV security system is installed in common areas of the apartment can give prospective tenants peace of mind. It enhances the confidence of residents and tenants. There is no doubt your tenant’s safety and comfort are always at the forefront. They more likely to feel comfortable in an apartment where there is visible and proper security surveillance available. A good CCTV security system can improve the value of your property. Thus increasing demand for rental accommodation. That’s why you should choose the best CCTV installations in Dubai, so you can get good results. Finalize a company that is reputable and professional enough to provide you with the best CCTV installations.


Implementing CCTV security cameras for apartments, put you at ease in many ways. It is ideally suited to lifts that can be monitored remotely during the hours of darkness. CCTV security camera also acts as an emergency backup in the event of a fire. Some cameras are also good for their zooming capability which is specially designed to track dim places- good for stairwells and lifts. However, it is also a good idea to fit CCTV cameras in lifts for security reasons. And can be checked remotely to deter vandals who may be considering committing a crime. The apartment management should take a look at this thing, as they commonly focus on installing CCTV in building premises.


It is an ideal way for residents to be able to screen visitors before allowing access to the apartment. A CCTV security camera keeps an eye to view the caller before opening the door. A CCTV security system fitted above a communal area of the apartment can allow watching who comes in and out. It makes possible surveillance for protecting the entrance and exit points of the apartment and preventing theft and intrusions. If intrusions ever happen, CCTV security cameras keep an eye on them to trace the intruders.


It is surely a fact that surveillance never sleeps. So, you have to assure that your property or apartment remains protected under the watchful eye through CCTV monitoring systems. But do its expensive? Or do you spend more money on improving your security system? It is less costly than hiring teams of security guards. All of these depend on your preferences and requirements. Depending on your needs, you can go for a wide range of security cameras that will guarantee protection 24 hours a day. With the use of a CCTV camera in Dubai, you can monitor both the inside and outside of your facility before something goes wrong. However, these cameras reduce the need to have guards employed to secure premises at a heavy cost.

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Can CCTV Cameras record Audio?

A common question that makes everyone confused, is can CCTV cameras record audio? So a short answer to this question is Yes, a CCTV camera can record audio. However, all this depends upon the IP and CCTV camera you are choosing. If you are choosing the advanced camera, you can enjoy the latest features that make life easier. An analogue camera is one that comes with an audio feature.

How long does CCTV footage last?

In many cases, CCTV footage is deleted within 30 days. Also, the CCTV owner is not allowed to show or share the footage with anyone, without any reason. But if you have a reason, you can ask them to share the CCTV footage.


No doubt, CCTV systems play a vital role in providing a secure and safe environment to every individual on the planet. However, surveillance systems are highly essential for any kind of business. You should install a CCTV camera at your business place if you are a business owner. Whether it’s a business or apartment, CCTV helps stops crimes and lessen the chances of robbery and other criminal acts.

We hope this information is highly effective for you and you are moving forward to learn more about the best CCTV cameras in Dubai.